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Hyper-personalisation: What’s next for the evolution of customer engagement

By Rikard af Sandeberg, Director, Product Management & Marketing Nordics In the digital age, the [...]

Are chatbots the future of customer engagement?

Chatbots are increasingly being used to cut costs and increase operational efficiencies in a variety [...]

Gamification in banking: The rise of the ‘experiential’ bank

“Banking is no longer somewhere you go but something you do.” These words from author [...]

The rise of mobile: Is the death of the password near?

We live in the digital age in which smartphone uptake and consumer reliance is growing [...]

Companies must become part of their customers’ lives

In today’s highly competitive and global environment, companies already work hard to distinguish themselves from [...]

SMEs are doubly at risk of losing to cyber crime

Trust and customer engagement go hand in hand When it comes to cyber crime, small [...]

Folksam & Affinion assist individuals and companies subjected to ID Theft

Interview with Jens Henriksson, CEO of Folksam and Per Landquist, Managing Director Affinion Sweden & [...]

Educating customers about cyber security threats

Educating customers about cyber security threats can drive engagement In the fight against cybercrime, experts [...]

Understanding consumer anxieties about cybercrime

In the past five years, sensational headlines exposing the theft of personal data have become [...]

AI technology to drive deeper engagement in the future

If the latest Mobile World Congress is any indication, consumers should brace for more interactions [...]